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Interview by Women 2.0

16 May 2019

“When Hayley Sudbury started her career, she was working in finance. It was rewarding and challenging in many ways, but she reached a point where she saw fewer and fewer people that looked like her, a gay woman, at the top. She struggled to find mentors and role models who could help her see what true career progression could look like in the C-suite.”

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Interview by Abby Young-Powell

18 December 2018

“Hayley Sudbury is a rare presence in the male-dominated tech world – a woman, CEO, and gay. Here, she discusses opening up the industry to LGBT workers.”

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PCR’s Top 25 Women in Tech 2018

12 November 2018

“Whether it’s at the CEO or exec level, women in the tech channel may be outnumbered but they are certainly not out-gunned.”

Hayley Sudbury: An entrepreneur with an innovative mind

9 November 2018

“Hayley Sudbury is a strong believer in diverse and inclusive communities in the workplace. Hence, WERKIN – an acronym for ‘We Are Kin’ – which denotes the idea of building a community within a workplace was born. ”

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WERKIN Founder Hayley Sudbury named to 2018 FT OUTstanding LGBT+ Executives List

“OUTstanding was founded to prove that LGBT+ executives could be visible, safe and successful in business, but our employees don’t stop being who they are when they walk out of the office door; we must be visible in our support at all times, in all places.”


Tech Talks meets Hayley Sudbury, CEO and founder of werkin

11 October 2018

“This show features the werkin CEO and founder, Hayley Sudbury. Werkin ( is a mobile app for business which helps you create, track and activate career development programmes for your people. We chat about the gender pay gap, how to effectively mentor staff, and building culture.”

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Inspirational women: City pioneers

17 September 2018

“Brummell’s 2018 list of the most inspirational women in the City celebrates pioneers creating new ways of working and thinking.”

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Inspirational Woman: Hayley Sudbury | Founder & CEO, WERKIN

30 August 2018

“The technology developed at WERKIN allows more LGBT+ professionals to be visible and supported in their careers.”

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Hayley Sudbury on Building the Future Radio

24 April 2018

Interview with Kevin Horek on Building the Future Radio

The Workplace Advocates: 23 women sending the ladder back down

7 March 2018

“For those women who find themselves in the minority at the top of the corporate ladder, it’s necessary that they send it back down for more to join them.”

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Supporting women in their careers through mentoring

13 December 2017

“Mentoring in business is one of the most powerful tools in supporting young women to make waves within their industry.”

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9 November 2017 by Jenny Darmody

“WERKIN technology aims to increase diversity across all levels of business and ensure it’s more than a buzzword.”


WERKIN Founder Hayley Sudbury named Tech Women 50 Champion

3 November 2017

“You can’t be, what you can’t see – I believe that real action and visibility are key to creating a talent pipeline of women in technology, in school, tertiary, corporate and entrepreneurship roles.”

WERKIN Founder Hayley Sudbury speaks at SIBOS 2017 Toronto

17 October 2017

“'It's about more than wearing trainers in the office.' Hayley talks integrating Accelerators at FinTech companies on the Diversity in Capital Markets Back-Office Operations panel at SIBOS 2017 in Toronto.”


Women in Business Q&A: Hayley Sudbury, Founder and CEO, WERKIN

28 July 2017 by Laura Emily Dunn

“Hayley Sudbury is the founder and CEO of WERKIN. Compelled by a need for a commercially-driven diversity solution, WERKIN’s technology accelerates inclusivity in the workplace by challenging the social and cultural barriers at the heart of the diversity talent pipeline debate.”

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