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WERKIN brings modern mentorship to your company, supporting growth for rising talent, including women, LGBTQ folks and people of color, all of whom frequently face obstacles in their rise up the company ladder.

We know that inclusive mentorship creates fulfilling careers and helps team members learn, stretch and grow. It leads to more diversity in leadership roles, and furthers career advancement. It also strengthens your network, drives innovation, and, yes, even increases profitability.

Research shows employees with mentorship programs at work are 44% more likely to stay at their company, five times more likely to increase their salary grade, and were promoted six times the rate of those not in mentorship programs.

Here’s the hitch: many leaders sitting atop the highest peaks don’t know about (or, worse, aren’t yet invested in) the value of mentorship programs.

It’s time to change that.



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  3. This summer, we’ll take a tally from every company or organization where we’ve received requests. Our CEO Hayley will be taking these numbers to your CEO to let them know their employees want inclusive mentoring!

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