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WERKIN with... is a podcast hosted by WERKIN founder and CEO Hayley Sudbury. Hayley sits down with some of the world's most exciting leaders and entrepreneurs to chat about the companies they love, their definition of success and the real secret behind it all: their superpower.

Portrait of Hayley Sudbury, a gay female entrepreneur and inclusive mentorship thought leader.

Episode 23: WERKIN with Andrea Pfeffer on pampering and participation

Copy of Wellness to me means a balance. Wellness is participation and pampering. Wellness is a two-minute 36-second skincare routine.png

This week, we’re WERKIN with Andrea Pfeffer, founder of Pfeffer Sel a skincare clinic in Fitzrovia, often touted as a respite from the chaos of Central London. Andrea talked with WERKIN founder and CEO Hayley Sudbury about business, babies, balance, and the importance of washing London off your face each night. READ MORE


Episode 22: WERKIN with Jennifer Rademaker on instrospection


On this week’s episode, Hayley talks with Jennifer Rademaker, EVP of Global Customer Delivery at Mastercard. Apart from her career with Mastercard, Rademaker has been recognized as an ally for her advocacy and sponsorship of the LGBT community. She shares what it takes to be an effective ally, the power of introspection and mentorship, and the importance of getting comfortable with video conference calls. READ MORE


Episode 21: WERKIN with Margot Slattery on the path from chef to Sodexo’s top executive in Ireland

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On this week’s episode, we’re WERKIN with Margot Slattery, Sodexo’s country president of Ireland. WERKIN founder & CEO Hayley Sudbury sat down with Slattery at Sodexo’s UK head office in London to discuss the joy of growing and preparing food; publicly coming out amid Ireland’s marriage referendum and what goes into a good gin and tonic— all on her path from chef to a top executive and diversity and inclusion leader. READ MORE


Episode 20: WERKIN with Maggie Alphonsi on banging the drum for women in sport

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On the latest WERKIN with podcast, Hayley chats to Maggie Alphonsi, rugby star and prominent commentator. Alphonsi describe why it’s important to bang the drum for women in sport, the mentors who have supported her along the way, and storytelling as a superpower. READ MORE


Episode 19: WERKIN with Melanie Richards on resilience

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This week on the WERKIN with podcast, Hayley interviews Melanie Richards, Deputy Chair of KPMG in the UK. Hayley and Melanie discuss taking diversity and inclusion beyond recruitment, building a community of mentors, and the power of resilience. READ MORE


Episode 18: WERKIN with Arlan Hamilton on building something out of nothing

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On our latest podcast, Hayley is WERKIN with Arlan Hamilton, Founder and Managing Partner at Backstage Capital. Hayley and Arlan discuss life on the road as a music tour manager, trying on someone else’s shoes, and building something out of nothing. READ MORE


Episode 17: WERKIN with Melissa Di Donato on top tips for mentorship

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On our latest podcast, Hayley is WERKIN with Melissa Di Donato, Chief Revenue Officer for ERP Cloud at SAP. Hayley and Melissa discuss robots, the shapes of career ladders, and Melissa’s top tips for mentors and mentees. READ MORE


Episode 16: WERKIN with Marcus Glover on the intersection of venture capital and social justice

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Hayley Sudbury interviews Marcus Glover, co-founder of Southbox Ventures. On the WERKIN with podcast, Glover discusses how entrepreneurship is like entering a cage-fighting match and the power of meditation as a business strategy. READ MORE


Episode 15: WERKIN with Inga Beale on closing the gender pay gap

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Hayley Sudbury interviews Inga Beale, Lloyds of London’s first female CEO. On the WERKIN with podcast, Beale describes what’s working and what’s not among UK companies committed to closing the gender pay gap. READ MORE


Episode 14: WERKIN with Elizabeth Nyamayaro on leading as an impatient optimist

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Elizabeth Nyamayaro, founder of the UN’s HeForShe Movement, describes the importance of inclusive problem-solving, finding diverse mentors, and understanding intersectional inequality. READ MORE


Episode 13: WERKIN with Adam Hale on scaling a company with gender parity

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Adam Hale, board member and adviser to technology companies, former role as CEO of Fairsail, shares the four things needed to scale a company and the importance of computer science education for achieving gender parity in tech. READ MORE


Episode 12: WERKIN with Anne Boden on getting the impossible done

Episode 12- AB QUOTE.png

Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank, shares why she quit her day job to start a bank and the power of “just keep going.” READ MORE


Episode 11: WERKIN with Aneeqa Khan on bridging the confidence gap with mentorship

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Episode 11- AK QUOTE (2).png

Aneeqa Khan is CEO and founder of eporta, a wholesale B2B marketplace for furniture online. Khan talks about turning inefficiencies into opportunities, being authentic in the workplace, and the importance of taking chances on people. READ MORE


Episode 10: WERKIN with John McFarlane on measuring progress towards gender equality in finance

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John McFarlane, Chairman of Barclays, discusses why failure is not an option when it comes to diversity initiatives, the power of being comfortable with uncertainty and narrowing the gap between vision and reality. READ MORE


Episode 9: WERKIN with Ann Cairns on building inclusive services and technology

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For Ann Cairns, the concept of diversity and inclusion is not just an internal affair at global corporations, it must be embedded into all levels of operation, from the products and services a company offers its customers to providing universal parental leave for its employees. Recently appointed as Vice Chairman, Cairns previously served as head of all Mastercard markets outside of the US, so her unique brand of leadership can be seen from London to Lagos. READ MORE


Episode 8: WERKIN with Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon on creating a world where everyone can see themselves reflected in technology

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Anne-Marie Imafidon Headshot.jpg

Before founding STEMettes the UK’s leading social initiative dedicated to inspiring and promoting young women in STEM, before a successful career in computer engineering and before earning advanced degrees in mathematics from Oxford, Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing at age 11. This is to say that Imafidon knows a thing or two about what it takes to encourage young women into STEM careers. READ MORE


Episode 7: WERKIN with Michelle Kennedy on how to support returning parents in the workplace

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Michelle Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Peanut, the social discovery app dedicated to connecting new mums, quickly learned something needed to change when she returned to her executive position at a tech company after maternity leave. Navigating busy work and playdate schedules for her toddler was a challenge that sparked an idea: why not use the same social discovery technology used in dating apps to help connect new mothers? READ MORE


Episode 6: WERKIN with Linda Findley Kozlowski on crafting a thoughtful business

Episode 6- LFK QUOTE.png

What’s Linda Findley Kozlowski’s dream job? After building her career managing marketplace models at tech giants like Alibaba, the Chief Operating Officer of Etsy describes the satisfaction she gets out of her position supporting micro-entrepreneurs in a creative environment. READ MORE


Episode 5: WERKIN with Eric Collins on the virtues of toil and grit

Episode 5- EC QUOTE (1).png

As COO of a start-up transforming surgical instruction into a scalable experience, it's not just about bringing medical training into the 21st century, but addressing global surgical inequality using digital technology. In the latest episode of WERKIN with, Collins describes his company's mission to use mobile-first technology to support physicians around the world who have limited access to technical training on surgical procedures. READ MORE


Episode 4: WERKIN with Jacqueline de Rojas on being positively deviant

Episode 4- JDR QUOTE (1).png

Jacqueline de Rojas, President of techUK, knew early in her career that she would have to go about things differently than her colleagues in the predominantly-male tech industry. ‘If I was going to find a shorter route to success than males that I was competing with, I’d have to do things a little bit differently. Getting the best out of people was definitely the shortest route to success for me.’ READ MORE


Episode 3: WERKIN with Bethany Koby on inspiring creativity through technology

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Bethany Koby’s background in design and creative technology taught her the value of learning by doing. According to Koby, the future will be shaped by a generation that creates, not just consumes technology. Enter Tech Will Save Us, the toy company she founded to help kids make, play, code and invent using technology. READ MORE


Episode 2: WERKIN with Rory Stirling on on the power of diversity of thought


Rory Stirling knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur seeking investors. Now, on the other side as a co-founder and partner of BGF Ventures, Stirling has brought this experience to his approach as an early-stage tech investor. In Hayley’s interview, Stirling talks about how the success of a company relies on its founding team’s execution of ideas. READ MORE


Episode 1: WERKIN with Brenda Trenowden on turning intention into action


What can morning dance-offs do for your team? What’s the problem with aiming for ‘flexibility?’ How can CEOs turn intention into action when it comes to talent and inclusion? Hayley sat down with Brenda Trenowden to chat about her work with the 30% Club and how mentorship helped her get to where she is today. READ MORE