Episode 3: WERKIN with Bethany Koby on inspiring creativity through technology


Bethany Koby’s background in design and creative technology taught her the value of learning by doing. According to Koby, the future will be shaped by a generation that creates, not just consumes technology. Enter Tech Will Save Us, the toy company she founded to help kids make, play, code and invent using technology.

In describing building a product-based versus a digital business, Koby recognizes that ‘the rollercoaster is real.’

‘It's a rollercoaster and if it's not going to be fun and you're not going to learn a lot on the way, why do it?’

At her company, Koby, along with her co-founder, aim to promote playful work that blends with rigorous expectations. This culture has led to demand for Tech Will Save Us toys in 87 countries. Koby emphasizes the importance of considering gender, positioning, inclusivity, and price in creating play experiences that can engage the diverse imaginations of their customers, children.

‘We are really questioning and constructively looking at our decision-making because we have different perspectives driving it, trying to make as few uninformed assumptions as possible […] having those diverse backgrounds helps us to ensure that we're not making naïve assumptions.’

Apart from recruiting a diverse team, Koby shares her preference for ‘blend’ over ‘balance’ when framing her business and family lives. Blending rather than balancing these worlds ‘eliminates the tension,’ of having to jump between two worlds.

‘The blend is evident in the learning we do. I’m not just learning to be a leader, I’m learning how to be a better person in general.’

For the modern toymaker, learning is not a bad superpower to have. Listen to the full interview on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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